Online Lookup

You can add websites to the list of sites that Chinese Text Analyser uses for its ‘Online lookup’ feature by editing the file:


This file is just a regular text file, but initially it will be missing or empty.

For each website you want to display in the list you should create an entry as follows:

[Display Name]
    link =
    order = 100

This will create a new entry in the list called ‘Display Name’ that opens a link with the first instance of %s replaced with the word currently underneath the mouse cursor. For example, if you had performed an online lookup of the word ‘上网’, the above link would be changed to上网.

To generate the correct link, all you need to do is find the appropriate query string for the website you are interested in and replace the Chinese word in the string with %s.

The order value is optional and refers to the order in which the items will appear in the list. If not specified, the item will be displayed at the end of the list.

The default list of links is:

    link =
    order = 100

    link =
    order = 200

[LINE Dict]
    link =
    order = 300

Which can be found in the following file:

C:\Program Files\ChineseTextAnalyser\data\online-search


This file location may be different if you installed Chinese Text Analyser to a different location.