Segment and Analyse Chinese Text

Chinese Text Analyser is a tool that helps you find content suited to your current vocabulary level, and makes it easy to identify and learn new words. You can use it to:

  • Easily see which words you do and do not know in any piece of Chinese text
  • Sort words in a document by frequency to help prioritise which new words to learn
  • Export wordlists (with optional sentence extraction) for use with flashcard programs
  • Write custom scripts to extract words, sentences and statistics from a document
  • Create segmented text files - with or without markup
  • Open large files instantly
  • And more...

Chinese Text Analyser has been designed from the ground up for high-performance, which means it's fast - and not just a little fast, but a whole lot of fast. It can segment and process word and character statistics for an average sized Chinese novel (~200-300k characters) in under a second and also handles large (e.g. hundreds of megabytes, or even multi-gigabyte) files gracefully, without locking up your UI and/or consuming all the memory and resources of your computer.